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3 Locations for fast shipping:

Flat Rate Shipping

$9.99 Flat-Rate Shipping will be charged as $4.99 shipping and $5.00 handling fee and is only applicable to orders placed through the online store.

Is flat rate shipping right for me?
- Do I have upto 7 days to receive my order?
- Can any carrier deliver my package?
If you answered yes to these questions Flat Rate is for you!!!

Do not select flat rate shipping if you need your order in a specific time.

If you choose Flat Rate $9.99 shipping the order will travel at the carrier of our choice. Post Office, UPS or other carrier is possible. Orders under $100 will most likely ship Post Office. Orders over $100 will most likely ship UPS.

Orders received via any other means of communication will be charged at published UPS rates and a $4.75 handling fee.

Flat-Rate $9.99 shipping is only valid within the 48 contiguous US states.

Flat Rate $9.99 shipping will incur $10.00-$20.00 fee for items considered oversized by UPS.

Flat Rate $9.99 shipping will incur a $25.00 handling fee per 5 stick bundle of steel and/or aluminum bar stock. Bar stock will only ship in groups of five.

Flat Rate $9.99 shipping excludes expedited shipping (Overnight, 2/3 Day Air etc.) which is available at normal rates.

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