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3 Locations for fast shipping:

Flat Rate Shipping

$9.99 Flat-Rate Shipping will be charged as $4.99 shipping and $5.00 handling fee and is only applicable to orders placed through the online store.

Is flat rate shipping right for me?
- Do I have upto 7 days to receive my order?
- Can any carrier deliver my package?
If you answered "YES" to these questions Flat Rate is for you!!!
If you answered "NO" select a UPS option at checkout.

Do not select flat rate shipping if you need your order in a specific time.

If you choose Flat Rate $9.99 shipping the order will travel USPS, UPS or other Carrier. Every order is treated individually. If UPS delivered a package on your last order, it does not guarantee that UPS will deliver the package on your next order. Flat Rate shipping will always travel by the carrier of our choice.

Orders received via any other means of communication will be charged at published UPS rates and a $4.75 handling fee.

Flat-Rate $9.99 shipping is only valid within the 48 contiguous US states.

Flat Rate $9.99 shipping will incur $10.00-$20.00 fee for items considered oversized by UPS.

Flat Rate $9.99 shipping will incur a $25.00 handling fee per 5 stick bundle of steel and/or aluminum bar stock. Bar stock will only ship in groups of five.

Flat Rate $9.99 shipping excludes expedited shipping (Overnight, 2/3 Day Air etc.) which is available at normal rates.

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