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Our annual Free Farrier Clinic returns to Stockhoff's Horseshoes & Supplies!

Saturday April 6th, 2024
1801 Button Ct, La Grange, Kentucky

Guest Clinician John McNerney, CJC

10% cash/5% card discount
on ALL IN STOCK items.

Breakfast, drinks, snacks and lunch are on us!

Lunchtime raffle with items donated by our sponsors.

Made possible with support from: Yukon Forge, FPD, Mustad, Victory, and Horse Hoof Cloud 9

RSVP for our April Clinic: Phone (1-800-421-1002), Email (darin@stockhoffsonline.com),
Text (502-780-1317) or in person.

John is an exceptional educator and we look forward to having our yearly clinic with him as our featured speaker. Listed below are some of his professional training accomplishments:

Farrier School 1997
AFA Certified Farrier 1998
Farrier Career 1999-2024
AFA Certified Journeyman 2000
Founded Yukon Forge 2001-2024
Calgary top 10 - Multiple times
Calgary Top 5 - One time
American Farriers Team 2001-2004
Forged in Fire WINNER 2019
Forged in Fire 2nd Place 2020
Forged in Fire 2021 (yet to air)
Police Officer 2012-2022 Trainer and Instructor
AFA Convention Speaker
AFA Convention Contest Judge
International Clinician Canada, Mexico, Columbia

Clinic Topics:

Morning Lectures (9am start)
1. Principles of Forging
2. Fullering and Hemming
3. Tool Tuning and Maintenance

Afternoon Demonstrations (start at 1:30)
1. Building barshoes (straight and eggbar)
2. Properly fitting and applying barshoes

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